Erskine Lakes Aquatic CluB

Swimsuit Vendor

Our swimsuit vendor, Metro Swim Shop, can be contacted at:

Toll Free Number: 800-526-8788

ELAC is open to families from Cupsaw, Erskine and Skyline Lakes.   

For our youngest swimmers who are not quite ready to compete, we offer developmental swim sessions of 45 minutes, four days per week, to work on building technique and endurance.  Developmental swimmers are ELAC's "farm team" and are often ready to swim by ELAC's "Go for the Gold" invitational swim meet at the end of the season.

Swimming is both an individual and a team sport.  Swimmers swim for individual best times in the various events and to score points per event for an overall team score.  Toward this end, our older swimmers also work on building technique and endurance in the four swim strokes - back, breast, fly and free - but with a focus on competing at dual and invitational swim meets.

ELAC holds a number of events to raise funds for our team, including a Fun Friday, Children's Lucky Draw and movie night.  Our biggest fundraiser is our Erskine Invitational Swim Meet, for which we need "all hands on deck."

Lakeland Swim Conference teams host a number of invitational swim meets throughout the season.  These include the:

Own Age Invitational, where swimmers have the opportunity to swim by their specific age, e.g. nine years old, rather than in the standard age brackets, e.g. 9-10

Odd Age Invitational, where swimmers have the opportunity to swim in "flipped" age brackets, e.g. 7 and under, 8-9 (instead of 9-10), 10-11 (instead of 11-12), etc.

Highland Lakes "B" Meet Invitational, where swimmers who do not have "A" times in given events can swim for "A" times.

"A" Championship Meet Invitational, where swimmers with "A" times can represent ELAC for medals, ribbons and, hopefully, an ELAC trophy!  

In addition to an opportunity to hang out with their friends and have fun, invitational swim meets offer swimmers the opportunity to win medals and ribbons in their best strokes; swim events they might not normally swim at dual meets; and improve their times in their favorite strokes.

Finally, ELAC hosts the Erskine Invitational, formerly the "C" Meet Invitational.  This meet is designed for those swimmers who

have given 100% of their effort to their team but miss the championship times -- this is their chance to shine, are still striving to make the “A” times, or have "A" times but want to improve their seed time for the "A" Championship Meet Invitational.

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