Erskine Lakes Aquatic CluB

About Us

ELAC swims six dual meets on Wednesday nights, three home and three away.  There are also invitational meets on Saturdays in July as well as three championship invitational meets (including ELAC's own Invitational) held on successive Saturdays beginning in July and ending with the "A" Championship Invitational Meet in August.  Our season culminates with an end of year Awards Night in which all swimmers are recognized for their accomplishments.  In addition to being fun, the program teaches children the mechanics of competitive swimming, good sportsmanship and team spirit.  Every child swims in the dual meets.  Invitational and championship meets are optional but encouraged.

League Delegate:  Barbara Kuhn 

Alternate Delegate:  Melissa Griegel
Statistician:  Dave Nehls
Lucky Draw Director:  Kim Link

Kitchen Director:  Erin Rod
Meet Directors:  Alex Krukis and Ken Steinberg

Colorado Operator:  Mary Villone
Website:  Jaime Yanofsky (Krukis)

Clothing Sales:  Barbara Kuhn 

Erskine Invitational Program Editor:  Jaime Yanofsky (Krukis)

Team Photographer:  Melissa Griegel

Timing Assignments Coordinator:  Cara Allison

Erskine Invitational Coordinator:  Lisa Petri

Co-Presidents:  Sue Ranft, Gina Magee
Vice President:  volunteer needed!
Corresponding Secretary:  volunteer needed!
Recording Secretary:  volunteer needed!
Treasurer:  Debbie Scochemaro

Coaches and Officials (2017 Season)
Head Coach:  Dave Nehls

Head Assistant Coaches:  Bridget Slavin and Mackenzie Pierce

Developmental Swim Coordinator:  Bridget Slavin
Assistant Coaches:  Stephen Tuttle , Angela Nyhuis, Kevin Nyhuis, and Ian Steinberg
Officials Coordinator:  Barbara Kuhn

Officials:  Sue Ranft, Barbara Kuhn, Tom Sperzel, and Steve Petri

Order of Finish Judge:  Lori Nyhuis